Units Publication

An A6 publication to accompany the 2019 Kingston Graphic Design degree show, Units.


Variable Tones

Variable Tones is a typeface that has been designed to convey and express the same subtle emotional tones of a spoken sentence. Built as a variable font, a technology that allows letterforms to morph between visual states via the use of a slider, Variable Tones can be altered to appear both neutral and angry. A short speculative film demonstrating the typeface's function in social media can be seen here.


London After Midnight

London After Midnight is the name of a 1927 silent horror film that was lost in a MGM studio vault fire in 1965. This title sequence, which was made in response to reading the film's script, re-animates ideas, themes and motifs that might have been seen in the original film.


White Stuff

A collaboration with White Stuff to create t-shirt designs for their mens 2018 winter collection, which had the theme of 'Mountains and Men'.

(2017 – 2018)